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Learning About Cyclones


:: Section 5

The gas stream enters the cyclone tangentially and then follow the circular path and travels down as a vortex.

Animation of the flow pattern inside the cyclone

The vortex starts to ascend at the center when it reaches the cone section and then exits from the top. Particles in the meantime experience a centrifugal force that pushes them outward. Larger particles with a higher inertia cannot follow the path and impact on the cyclone wall while they travel down. The impacting particles either stick to the wall, or slide down to the hopper section at the bottom when they form large chunks. Thus, the effective particle collection relies on the particles impacting on the cyclone wall before the gas stream starts to ascend at the center. Once a significant amount of particles has been collected at the hopper, particles need to be discharged from the hopper. Otherwise, re-entrainment of the collected particles may be a concern.