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Learning About Cyclones


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Cyclones are simple mechanical devices for removing relatively large particles ( > 5 to 10 μm) from gas streams. Actually, they are more commonly applied than you may realize.

They are used by

  • Environmental Engineers to remove particulate pollutants.
  • Chemical Engineers and Mechanical Engineers to collect valuable particle products.
  • Industrial Hygienists to sample particles in working environments.
  • Pharmaceutists to classify their powdered drugs.

You can easily spot them in the wood product industry, mills, cement plants, and other industrial facilities. As their operation is one of the least expensive for removing/collecting relatively large particles, they are also often used as a pretreatment device to reduce the load of fine particle collection devices.



Environmental Engineers American Academy of Environmental Engineers
Mechanical Engineers American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Chemical Engineers American Institute of Chemical Engineers
Pharmaceutists American Pharmaceutical Association
Industrial Hygienists American Institute of Industrial Hygiene Association
Agricultural Engineers American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers