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Atmospheric Aerosol


:: Section 10

Visibility Calculator

Now you can try to calculate the visibility using the following web calculator program:

1. There are two modes of calculation. The first mode is to calculate the extent of light extinction at a given aerosol condition and a certain distance. The second mode is to calculate the visual range at a given aerosol condition.

2. In each mode, you need to provide the parameters for the aerosol. You have the freedom to choose either monodisperse or polydisperse aerosol. For monodisperse aerosol, you can input the particle diameter and number concentration. For polydisperse aerosol, you can select a location where a distribution of aerosol size is pre-set.

3. Examine how you can improve the visibility by changing the particle diameter and size distribution, number density, and the distance. Of course, you can always check with the equations (Section 9 ) to see what the important parameters are and how they affect.