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Aerosol Transport – Inertia


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The movement of aerosols is of great importance because it affects a vast range of things, from aerosol transport in the atmosphere, deposition in our respiratory system, to industrial processes (e.g. coating, material fabrication). If you want to design instrument to characterize aerosol movement, the first thing is also to understand how an aerosol transports.

Transport in the atmosphere
Deposition in respiratory sys.
Industrial processes

In this section, we'll focus on the transport of aerosols due to inertial force. First, we will learn how forces act on a single particle. We will then explore the physics behind the process and define parameters that describe the transport properties of an aerosol. Finally, we will develop equations to describe how a particle moves in a straight-line or in a curvilinear fashion.

The content of each section is listed below:


Environmental Engineers American Academy of Environmental Engineers
Chemical Engineers American Institute of Chemical Engineers
Mechanical Engineers American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Industrial Hygienists American Institute of Industrial Hygiene Association

Valuable Reading:

  • W. C. Hinds, Aerosol Technology, 2nd Edition, Wiley Interscience